Build Youth

6:30pm Friday

Build Youth happens on Friday nights from 6:30pm – 8:30pm during the school term.

We meet at 54 Main Road, Nairne.

At Build Youth we create a safe and open atmosphere where youngsters are accepted and able to express themselves alongside others their own age. Lead by a group of fearless fun-loving leaders, we enjoy a lot of wild activities. Each event is unique and enjoyable with a constant focus on exploring the Bible and learning more about God.

We want our kids to move on from Build Youth with a greater knowledge of the Bible, a deeper relationship with our Creator, and fantastic relationships with their peers. We aim to help build a solid foundation in our youth that will keep them strong in God and who He says they are as they move onto University or into the workplace.

For more information, please Contact Us HERE

54 Old Princes Highway, Nairne

South Australia